About Katie

Katie Jenkins-Moses was born and raised in Fresno, California. In 2016, she earned her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. She is currently working at the Fresno Art Museum as an Art Instructor. 

Artist Statement

I am interested in the way in which words and images affect bodies. We are all confined in the materiality of our bodies—flesh and bones—yet all bodies are not the same: we differ by size, gender, sex, orientation, and ethnicity. Words that describe a body affect that body. My own, for example: Queer. Unstable. Obese. Female. These words do more than describe: they affect the body, empowering a body or pacifying it. My work explores how language and image affect agency, considering the relationship between image and language, and claiming full possession of our own bodies.  

Through a combination of mediums—installation, collage, text—I create physical representations of my body that explore relationships between language, materiality, and fragmentation. My work draws upon the theories of Judith Butler, Jane Bennett, and feminist performance artists of the 1960s and 70s—such as Yoko Ono and Martha Rosler—particularly their ideas about “Othered” bodies. Ultimately, in considering the role language plays in marginalizing and passivating certain bodies, my work offers ways of navigating through society while at the same time gaining more control and possession over our bodies. 

My work acknowledges that our current time considers itself “post-feminist,” while actually having a deep ignorance of what feminism actually is as well as its history. Revisiting ideas and methods of objectification from both second wave theorists and artists, I recontextualize central questions, complicating it beyond binaries and in relationship to identity constructs and representations.


2016 MFA, San Francisco Art Institute 
2013 BA, Whittier College, Studio Art/Political Science

2018 When I listen, I hear those queer sounds, Greenleaf Gallery, Whittier College, Whittier, CA
2016 Threshold Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2018 Naked as a Daisy, ShockBoxx Gallery, Hermosa Beach, CA
2016 SFAI Graduating MFA Show, Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA
2016 Zeitgeist, Swell Gallery, SFAI, CA
2016 The Artist’s Body, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2016 Threshold Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2016 Post/Haste, Swell Gallery, SFAI, CA
2015 Quiet Lightning Sixth Anniversary Show, Smash Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2015 Continuing MFA Show, SFAI, CA
2013 Senior Exhibition, Whittier College, Whittier, CA
2009 Senior Show, Fresno High, Fresno, CA

2013 Whittier College

2016 “Untitled (make-up wipe),” sPARKLE + bLINK 74, Quiet Lightning
2015 “Thigh Kink,” sPARKLE + bLINK 70, Quiet Lightning

2016 “Incarnating Art: Inscribing the Body.” (With Ruth Jenkins) Kristeva Circle Conference. Södertörn University, Stockholm, Sweden.

2013 Whittier College Art Purchase Award 
2009-2013 Whittier College Merit Scholarship 
2009 Kimber Reynolds Art Grant

2016— Art Instructor, Fresno Art Museum
2017—2018 Subsitute Teacher, Fresno Unified School District
2016 Teaching Assistantship for Drawing I, SFAI
2016 Teaching Assistantship for Modernity and Modernism, SFAI
2015 Teaching Assistantship for Painting I, SFAI
2015 Teaching Assistantship for Art Since 1945, SFAI
2015 Teaching Assistantship for Modernity and Modernism, SFAI
2012 Tutor, Whittier College

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